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Artwork & Design

Our Art Department are here to make sure that your labels will look great when printed. We have the resources and skills to start with a concept to create your finished labels. This has been made possible by a huge investment in upgrading the Studio with the very latest technology, including a label & packaging workflow & online proofing system from Esko.


Our team of 4 are exceptional users of Adobe Creative Cloud and Esko Software. We have over 60 years of collective experience working in the label & food packaging industry, not just here at Signature Labels but other local and global organisations.


If you have a design team or a design agency that you work with, we are happy to work with them and include them in our seamless proof and prepress system. 

When supplying us files, we would always prefer Adobe Illustrator 'ai' files, with all images and fonts included. Feel free to talk to our team if you need help with any of your files or artwork needs.

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