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Proofing is an important step in the production of your labels. Many label printing companies globally have a manual process of proofing then prepress. This can cause issues with errors on printed products after proofing.

Our process is seamless. Our proofing is now online using the Esko Webcenter software. When we send your labels to proof, you will receive an email with a link to your account. This will allow you to log in and look at your proof. If you need to make changes you can make a comment and reject the proof. This will notify all of our art team, who will then make the changes required quickly and supply you with an updated proof.


Once you approve your proof, the Esko Workflow will process your artwork straight to plate. This automates the Pre-Press step which reduces errors and also speeds up production. What this means is the proof that you see on the screen will be going directly to our plate-making department within minutes.

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