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Respect the environment and communities within which we operate.  Signature Labels are committed to minimising the impact of its activities on the environment.


Green procurement

  • Partner our suppliers and wherever possible recycled products are preferentially purchased.

  • Renewable energy is supported where practically possible.

  • Environmental impacts

  • All potentially negative impacts on the environment caused by the day-to-day practices of the company have been identified.

  • There is a regularly reviewed management system that aims to reduce any significant negative impacts on the environment.

Solar Panels.jpg

Installation of solar panels

Installing as many solar panels as we could fit on our factory roof has enabled us to run our printing equipment completely on clean solar energy, not to mention it has more than halved our electricity bill. 

No gas-powered equipment

All factory machinery is electric, including our printing presses and forklift. This means we produce zero fumes & carbon emissions onsite.


Eco & recycled stocks

We have a range of recycled and eco-friendly stocks available. Please contact us to find out more about our stock options.

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